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Practice Asahi with us! Asahi is a health practice from  Finland

Asahi Nordic Health Exercise Method is a proud bearer of the Finnish Service Label, which guarantees that our method has been developed in Finland.


Asahi - the Finnish Health Exercise. Asahi is an easy and efficient way of improving your health. A Simple And Healthy Idea.

Asahi is a Nordic Health fitness program

Asahi is a Finnish mind-body health practice, which was designed to meet the modern medical recommendations for healthy physical activity. Anyone can practice Asahi Nordic, or Asahi, for short, regardless of age or physical condition and without any mat or extra equipment. Usually Asahi is done as an outdoor or indoor group activity, but it can also be done at home as a personal practice or with friends.

We produce Asahi Nordic health courses for new beginners who are interested in becoming Asahi instructors. We also make health courses for everyone, so they can maintain their health with this great health practice Asahi. Asahi is based on western medicine and scientific research.

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Based on Medical Science

The ideas and health benefits of Asahi are based in Western medical research. Internist and Geriatric Specialist Yrjö Mähönen has been largely responsible for the the medical research related to Asahi.

Practice or learn to become and instructor

Check out our courses on how practicing Asahi can make you happy and healthy. If you are interested in becoming an instructor you will also find our instructor courses on this page.

Support of the Community

Our trainers and other instructors give you valuable advice and support. Join our community on this page or on Facebook. Let Asahi move you!